Leave Nico Rosberg alone…

Nico Rosberg has surprised many people in recent months, and for more than one reason.

After clinching the 2016 F1 World Drivers Championship in fine style at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg had achieved his dream. After 25 years of incredible hard work and dedication, he had reached the summit.

Nico driving for Williams in his rookie F1 season

Despite this however, many people criticize the German, claiming he only won the title because his car was more reliable than team-mate Lewis Hamilton’s.

Rosberg then took the decision to retire from the sport with immediate effect, claiming that he had “climbed the mountain”, he was “on the peak so this feels right.” In my opinion, Nico deserves an incredible amount of respect for this.

Throughout his 10 season career, Rosberg has proven to fans, teams and other drivers all over the world just how talented a driver he is.

Nico’s incredible consistency and his bewildering ability to churn out quick lap times over and over again without mistake instantly ranks him amongst the group of top level drivers in the sport. He has never claimed to be the fastest driver in the world, and if we are being honest, he knows it as well as we do. The German has however, worked as hard as anyone to reach the peak of his potential and with that, managed to win the world championship he so desperately craved.

In the below video, you can see the levels of pressure that Nico had been dealing with up until clinching the crown.

(Video uploaded to Youtube by ‘Racing Channel’)

Being an elite athlete and constantly producing to your maximum level is a hugely tiring way of living, both mentally and physically. In 2016, Nico Rosberg through his incredible work ethic and commitment beat some of the best racers this generation has ever seen. He knows he has done himself proud and achieved something remarkable, and will leave the sport on his own terms, fully content.

For this, I believe he deserves a huge amount of respect.


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