Brilliant Brack

Many people may not remember Kenny Brack. A quiet swede, he was destined for Formula 1 in the early 21st century. In 2003, that all changed…

Kenny raced his way successfully through the ranks of junior Motorsport in the 80’s and 90’s. By 1994 he was racing in F3000, the main support series for Formula 1 at  the time. After a strong rookie campaign he finished 3rd in the ’95 championship and would have won the coveted trophy the next year had it not been for a controversial stewards decision in the final round demoting him to runner up. It was after this that his career really began to blossom.

Moving to America in 1997 saw Brack win the ’98 Indy Racing League and he followed this up by winning the legendary Indianapolis 500 the next year.

Brack won the Indy 500 on only his third attempt.

He switched to the mega competitive CART Series in 2000, proving his F1 potential. He kept his title challenge alive until the final race in his first season and went on to win the most races in the 2001 series, finishing as championship runner up.


Video uploaded to ‘Youtube’ by “ArieLuyendyk”

However, tragedy struck in 2003. Brack suffered one of the most violent crashes in Indycar history at Texas, suffering multiple fractures including crushed ankles and broken vertebrae. 214 g’s were recorded, rendering him lucky to be alive. Kenny spent 18 months in recovery and only raced once more before retiring from top level racing.

He is now an official Mclaren development driver.

Thankfully, Brack still drives for fun to this day and became viral with this video of his incredible car control at Goodwood in 2013.

Video uploaded to ‘Youtube’ by “Goodwood Road & Racing”

With such huge potential, it is a massive shame that he never got to show the world his capabilities. Massively successful in everything he did, Brack won races and titles in 3 top level race series, something most drivers will never manage. He will be remembered by many Swedes as well as the rest of the world, as the one that got away.




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