When modern technology meets tradition

Not many people know that Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb is the oldest active Motorsport venue in the UK. Even fewer know it’s the oldest on the planet….


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Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire was opened in 1905 and has been used for hillclimb events ever since. You would struggle to find a more traditional form of Motorsport anywhere in the world. Weirdly however, if you wanted to see some of the quickest, lightest, and most technically advanced single seat racing cars in action, you need look no further.

Video uploaded to ‘Youtube’ by “1Rallyst3ve”


It’s a perfect balance. An old venue, draped in history with so much character, traditional and soul combined with some of the most rapid and technologically advanced machines being driven by some the countries best drivers. There is something very emotional about the whole thing, it’s almost like a dance.

A Gould hillclimb car (photo taken by Brian Deegan)

Video uploaded to ‘Youtube’ by “AlexSummers”

Of course, Shelsley is not the only hillclimb venue that provides this beautiful mix of speed and nostalgia.

Doune in Scotland is one of the most exciting motorsport venues in the world, despite a run lasting less than a minute! This video below will explain why this is better than any of my words ever could….

Hillclimbing is unique, because unlike F1 and so many other forms of Motorsport, it gets it right. The perfect balance of iconic, classic locations and modern speed and technology, all working in harmony. I, along with so many other racing fans, absolutely love it.



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