When modern technology meets tradition

Not many people know that Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb is the oldest active Motorsport venue in the UK. Even fewer know it’s the oldest on the planet….


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Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire was opened in 1905 and has been used for hillclimb events ever since. You would struggle to find a more traditional form of Motorsport anywhere in the world. Weirdly however, if you wanted to see some of the quickest, lightest, and most technically advanced single seat racing cars in action, you need look no further. Continue reading When modern technology meets tradition


From arcade fun to Vegas

In 1974, the arcade game ‘speed race’ was released by Japanese developers, Taito. It was the first known motor racing game with scrolling graphics, and allowed consumers to dream of a future filled with virtual racing.

Over 40 years have passed since then, and finally the world of sim-racing is beginning to leave its mark (and a sizeable one at that) on the Motorsport industry.

Advances in technology have allowed racing fans a path into the sport different to anything seen before. In the 20th century, the only viable option for a youngster hoping to reach the lofty heights of Formula 1 was to go Kart racing. It was where kids could prove their talent, hone their skills behind the wheel and work on their race craft. Continue reading From arcade fun to Vegas

Five Gp2 Drivers who should have made it to Formula 1


1. Sam Bird

Bird during his year away from Gp2 in 2012.

This talented Englishman raced in the series for 3 years, winning 6 races. In 2013, he finished as series runner up whilst also helping his team ‘Russian Time’ to the Constructors¬†Championship in their rookie season. Sam now races successfully in both the Formula E championship and the World Endurance Championship for Ferrari. Continue reading Five Gp2 Drivers who should have made it to Formula 1